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UCLA’s only investment organization that combines fundamental and technical analysis to best react to today’s constantly changing financial environment

Founded by undergraduates at UCLA, Bruin Investment and Trading group aims to provide the forum and resources necessary for students’ success as investors and in landing desired internships. We are UCLA’s only investment organization that combines fundamental and technical analysis to react to today’s constantly changing financial environment. 


Members gain a working understanding of both fields while applying them to their individual portfolios in order to gain hands-on experience. From hosting guest speakers, training sessions and workshops to organizing and competing in stock-pitch and portfolio competitions, BIT Group looks to improve the quality of UCLA's undergraduate recruitment in the Investment Management, Investment Banking, and Consulting industries. 


Our weekly meetings are heavily training intensive and include discussions on current economic events, reviewing both fundamental and technical stock-selecting strategies, workshops, stock pitches, and intra-club competitions. Our training helps members excel above all competition to place into the top tier investment banks, asset management, and consulting firms.
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Bruin Investment and Trading is dedicated to bringing UCLA to the forefront of recruiters’ minds in the investment banking and financial services sectors. Current and past members have secured positions with leading companies across a range of industries.


 We emphasize a balance between fundamental and technical analysis

Every member is encouraged to run their own individualized portfolio

Education is our main goal, whether it be to excel at interviews, or to generate stellar returns


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recruitment process will be held virtually via Zoom. If there are scheduling conflicts due to differing time zones or internet access issues please email


RSVP for the Information session, which will be on Friday, January 8th at 5:30pm, here. 


Applications for Winter 2021 can be found here. Applications are due by Sunday, January 10th at 11:59PM.

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For those who were unable to attend the information session or would like to look back at it for reference, the information session presentation can be found here.


Friday, January 8th



Application Due

Sunday, January 10th




Saturday/Sunday, January 17th/18th




We love hearing from you! If you have a question, please feel free to e-mail us at  You can also submit a form below.

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